Letters: Trudeau to send Canada into green and grass

Dear Editor,

Where do the federal Liberals come up with these wanting egocentric novelties? They aren’t making the same mistake they made with Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff, no way, this time they have a pretty boy, shiny pony Justin Trudeau.    

Just what we need, a federal carbon-tax and government revenue marijuana for our youth. This is the policy direction Trudeau is campaigning to take Canada if his prime minmisterial dreams come true.

You can’t make this stuff up… he says he admires China more than other countries “because of their basic dictatorship”.

Australia just got rid of their less than three-year-old hated carbon-tax by a new ‘Tony Abbott’ government which was elected on that promise.

The regressive carbon-tax was devastating to their economy, did nothing for global warming and its demise is estimated to save households $550 per year.

Remember Stephane Dion’s 2008 “Green Shift?” Well, Trudeau is resurrecting it in his own image, this time called “carbon pricing.”

It tells us everything that Trudeau selects a radical environmental extremist in Gerald Butts as his principle advisor. Butts is an ex CEO of World Wildlife Fund Canada, which is anti-progress of anything developed by man except their bankrupt ideas of “green.”

Butts hates oil and gas; his stated goal is to rid man’s use of and get rid of the fossil fuel economy.  

Butts was Principal Secretary to Ontario Premier (2003-2013) Dalton McGuinty. During this reign, Ontario, once the economic engine of Canada, has become a basket case have-not province, now on life support.

As a direct result of Ontario’s green-shift power-trip policies with feed-in tariffs, tens of thousands of subsidized wind turbines, and solar panels, they now have the highest energy prices in North America.

So how can you prevent factories from leaving, let alone attract new businesses to dig yourself out of the financial sink hole without subsidizing even more?  

That’s where we taxpayers from the rest of Canada, (like B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador) get sucked in and stuck with the excesses due to equalization payments from the “have” to the “have-not” provinces.

Trudeau’s economic delusion agenda is to combat the fossil fuel economy with a carbon-tax, then supplement a pot-tax economy where the stone-fracking takes place in the heads of our youth, our country’s future.

Like, I wannabe PM really, really hard, man.

Roland Seguin, Langley

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