Letters: LAPS shelter addition will save cats’ lives

Dear Editor,

I support the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) and its goal to build the ISOasis in Langley Township because, plain and simple, it is the right thing to do.

I live in Langley City and have been a LAPS volunteer for more than three years. I see firsthand how hard this team of fosters and volunteers works to save animal lives every day. Their great success saving and adopting out the cats and kittens in their care, against overwhelming odds for survival, is a testament to their dedication.

LAPS is a first-rate Shelter. But due to the enormous volume and draw on its resources, it cannot take care of all the sick, hurt, and abandoned cats and kittens that come through their regular intake doors.

Scared and seemingly unloved, these animals often arrive with contagious ringworm and upper respiratory and parasitic infections that would be inhumane to leave untreated.

So how does LAPS treat and properly manage all this sickness? How do they prevent the infections from being transferred to other animals in the shelter, much less spread to the LAPS caregivers?

The stringent requirements for animal health care are complicated and costly. The endless amount of cleaning required could never be properly expressed in a few words. The cost to treat, and in most cases re-treat the virulent infections is expensive and painstaking.

And yet, LAPS is committed to doing it, day in and day out

The ISOasis would save lives and stop needless suffering.

LAPS needs more space to care for more of the estimated 22,000 feral and abandoned cats living and reproducing in Langley right now. Their proposed ISOasis project would add a cat isolation ward to the Township’s existing animal shelter, which would allow them to do more to address cat overpopulation.

Without the ISOasis, the increasing number of sick cats dumped at the shelter will continue to put more and more strain on the dogs, training, and animal control operations. 

It will also continue to put staff, volunteers, and the public at risk for catching zoonotic diseases like ringworm, which is highly contagious between cats, dogs, and humans.

It will be an expensive venture, but what choice do we have? Without this next step in animal care, lives will be lost. With the feline population increasing in the both Langleys, we need to start making things right for the future of animal care.

While most of us see the daily barrage of media requests to “adopt don’t shop,” the vast majority of people cannot begin to understand all that it takes to get any sick animal to an adoptable state. Yet that is LAPS’s goal, each and every day.

Therefore, while I live in Langley City, I have pledged my commitment to raise funds and bring public awareness to support this worthwhile endeavour. So I ask others in the greater Langley community to publicly and financially support building the ISOasis. 

Please do the right thing: help save lives.

Karen Hunt, Langley City

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