Letter: Oil damages water and air

Dear Editor,

Now that the politically “in” correct (But like according to who?) uneducated young white male voters have had their way with the American electorate system and shoed-in the most controversial commander-in-chief for possibly the next four years, I think it’s time to once again weigh in about ongoing local issues, attitudes, and rhetoric that continue to threaten our way of life as we currently know it here in B.C. Or used to…

First off, I think it is very refreshing to have high powered executive types like Kinder Morgan president Ian Anderson adjust his rhetoric about climate change, and admit that he “doesn’t pretend to be smart enough to know which is right.”

While he still tries to blow smoke about how this Trans-Mountain pipeline will bring all these “middle-class advantages that we seek as a nation are critically important.”

Might be important to him, his cronies, and a few blue-collars in Alberta, but it certainly wont be like that to us here in Langley at a buck thirty and rising a litre.

Meanwhile, David Black published his most recent “refined” personal and self-serving opinions in a forum that he owns about diluted bitumen and oil spills, especially now that his would-have-been Northern Gateway pipeline to his dead-in-the-water Kitimat refinery has been nixed months ago.

And he is right about every single fact he mentions in his article.

About Dil-bit sinking, and that half of it in the first hour never to be recovered at all which especially means that we shouldnt ship it to China for refinement using “older technology.”

But he goes on to cite that crude oil floats, so theoretically it can be cleaned up but the reality is that the oil industry considers 15 per cent a successful cleanup.

And then he mentions and that refined diesel or gasoline evaporate… eventually.

Oh goody.

So those last two particular products don’t permanently damage our water, but does not the very word evaporate mean into the air?

Need I mention that we and every other living mammal breathe.

And I would rather not have to walk around here wearing masks like they do in Biejing, while these very same people strip our economy of everything from raw materials and manufacturing jobs. Only to return in the form of high spec real estate prices, homelessness, and minimal to low quality retail products at places like Princess Auto or Walmart that offer minimum wage part-time jobs marketing patent violating knock-offs and other products that end up too quickly in our landfills… because we can no longer afford to buy quality products made here.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, unfortunately their attempts at a Kinder gentler approach fails to grease my wheel into accepting anything to do with shipping even more sunpoop to the far east.

Yes, oil is nothing but the end waste product of all the suns work that has been flushed down to be stored in the earths septic tank for millenia and we humans have been sucking it up, burning it every way possible and then second hand smoking it into our children for more than a hundred years.

It’s called corprophagia: the eating of dung.

Meanwhile the sun just sits there, emitting more energy in an hour than we could ever use in a year. But only because we headed in the wrong direction not so very long ago.

And finally, if Mr. Trudeau and company wants my vote again in the next election they damn well better not be setting us up for the Trans-Mountain pipeline with his $1.5 billion spill response plan.

I can read between those lines faster than the secret service can fit the new guy with a Kevlar toupe.

Danny Halmo, Langley



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