Letter: Former Tory supporter feels shame

Dear Editor,

Hi! My name is Pat and I’m a recovering Conservative. For some time I have assimilated and regurgitated everything S.H. and his loyalists stated… I relished the lies and deception.

I cared not for the truth and I am truly ashamed.

I didn’t care that S.H. reduced the GST to help the well-to-do. This consumption tax was far too fair.

I didn’t care that our revenue base was eroded. I cared not that S.H. reduced the corporate tax rate by six per cent. As a shareholder I was glad that profits were hoarded and jobs were shipped overseas to increase profits and my share value.

I just didn’t care that the elderly would have to work another two years – notwithstanding the viability of the CPP. Nor did I care that S.H. had raided the EI fund for $57 billion. I just didn’t care.

I didn’t care about the homeless, the working poor, unemployed youth, child poverty, student debt, single moms, missing indigenous women, the scientists and regulatory bodies, 10 straight deficits, poor trade deals, continuous trade deficits, military equipment, veterans, Wounded Warriors, the environment – the list goes on. I was a model Conservative… I didn’t care.

S.H. was so clever not to invest in infrastructure when interest rates were low – kick the can down the road for our grandchildren when interest rates will be higher and inflation increases costs. After all, they must bear some of our expenses – right?

S.H. knows what it’s about. Cater to the wealthy and upper middle class and occasionally throw some scraps to the middle class. That’s where the votes are. Those others don’t matter because they rarely vote. Genius!

I didn’t care about loyalty to friends, as long as it didn’t impact me.

Throw them under the bus, if necessary.

Gladly trade anything for recognition and power.

S.H. was my idol.

Since joining Recovering Conservatives Anonymous (RCA), I have tried hard to overcome my greed, lack of empathy, narcissism and psychopathy, and it is a daily struggle to remind myself that I am not the most important thing on this planet, and I must learn fairness and sharing.

My friends and family are my greatest support in this trying time and I sometimes forget to thank them – oh yes, I still slip. I do give thanks each day for my salvation and hope you know that if you really wish to escape this sect and seek help, your brothers and sisters at RCA are here to help.

Please contact the RCA prior to Oct. 19 if you care about country.

Patrick MacDonald,

North Otter


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