Letter: Excitement for Richter’s entry to mayoral race

A Brookswood resident is getting ready to vote next Oct. 20.

Dear Editor,

Well… won’t this be exciting? I have waited for this announcement [“Richter throws hat in the ring,” Nov. 16, Langley Advance] since the last election we had for the Township of Langley. I only wish we could vote today, not next October. With Kim Richter saying she will run for mayor, it must make a lot of people happy in our Township, I can imagine it doesn’t sit well for the acting mayor. The mayor we have now has got to be the worst mayor I have ever seen in the Township of Langley, and I first moved here in 1983.

The mayor we have now has shown us he does not listen to the majority of the people on almost every issue except, maybe ruining neighbourhoods with devastating beautiful lands, chopping down trees, letting developers run wild sticking poorly built three and four storey eyesores anywhere they want. This mayor has had a poor agenda right from the beginning. This mayor has taken a lot of campaign money from special interest groups and out of town developers. This mayor seems to have had a plan to “pay back” these special interest groups by helping them get new Official Community Plans in place that the majority of its residents did not want. This seems to be his “M.O”.

Aldergrove wanted an indoor pool, this acting mayor campaigned on doing just that, well guess what, they did not get an indoor pool, they got an outdoor pool and another hockey rink instead. This acting mayor wanted an interchange at 216th for trucks, the majority of the affected community did not want one, but it is going ahead anyways. This acting mayor has ignored peoples voices many times throughout his painful reign as mayor, and does not look like he will ever care for our wishes, and we all know he doesn’t care for our beautiful “not spoiled quite yet” Township.

This mayor and his clique of fun time pals must come to an end once and for all Oct 20, 2018. We the great people of the TOL must vote for people who will actually listen, we must vote for people that are intelligent, we must vote for people who aren’t doing it for the special interest groups, and we must vote for people who actually give a fart about the people, and not their pocket book, or pricey gifts. We must vote for people that will be held accountable for fiscal responsibilities, they must be transparent and not do dirty little secret deals in off camera closed areas to the public, NO MORE!

No more to ignoring our high crime rate. No more bending over backwards to help developers get rich. No more spending money on things we don’t need or want. No more signing generous contracts to huge unions right before an election. No more letting your puppets you helped bring on to council stick their hands into the TOL cookie jar. No more bullying male or female councillors that are just protecting us the voting public by simply stating or speaking out on questionable subjects matter.

I hope the sheep who voted for this “out of touch mayor” last time will vote for someone who actually has the best interests of the TOL at heart, and the actual brains to move this township forward in a positive direction taking each of it’s residents concerns at face value, and deals with matters properly. Well, Kim Richter is someone we can ALL get behind and feel good that the right person may just get the position that will bring this township closer together, instead of what is going on now, ripping it apart.

So do your home work, study the candidates, and make a smart decision this time around, instead of guessing and checking off the person with the biggest signs, that happened last time, and guess what, we are paying for it now.

Scott Thompson


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