Letter: Better odds than Brookswood development

Dear Editor,

I wasn’t trying to deprive the warmists of their heavily invested doomsday fear theories [Only thing rising is fear, May 27 Letters, Langley Advance], rather it was for the benefit of critical thinkers to de-stress from the chicken-little alarmists with their melting ice, islands sinking, etc.

In political history it’s well known that one of the most effective ways of controlling populations is to keep them in a constant state of fear.

B. Froebel [Denier ignores clear evidence, June 5 Letters, Advance] seems confused of the simplified explanation I gave on probabilities as related to global warming, climate change, or if you prefer the latest name-change magic-moniker, climate disruption.

The point was that, regarding flooding, if you project probabilities to hundreds of weather regions, thousands of streams and rivers, north and south hemispheres around the world, the odds are there will be one-in-100 weather events in several places all day every day. The weather channels and media love to show such images repeatedly.

The law of probability is a well established maxim of mathematics. If you wish to disprove the odds the hard way, try it at your local casino by betting on red on the roulette wheel over and over until your dreams come true.

I have nothing against developers, but Froebel obviously does, as the put-down grasps at straws with assertion of my being an investor/promoter in Brookswood/Fernridge.

Many who attended the public hearing heard my five-minute talk against the community plan.

If I had $50 grand to play with, better probable odds would be paramount. Brookswood/Fernridge will evolve, regardless of any input this little old senior on a fixed income may have.

Strange how we have twice as many wild birds, though, since we thinned out some trees.   

It’s important to continue the debate, as science is never over. It’s ongoing, as theories are just that, until they are disproved.

The warmists would have you believe that in over 250 years (since the industrial revolution began) a CO2 increase of one part in 10,000 (from 3/10,000ths to 4/10,000ths) will plunge the earth into climate catastrophe.

The ice is returning in climate cycles, as always. Unprecedented parts of Lake Superior are covered in ice a week into June.

It wouldn’t bother me if it got a degree warmer. Why do the warmists flock to the tropics for their holidays, rather than colder climes?

If they prefer the warmer climate why do they protest against it here? Would you prefer the return to an ice age, to lower the oceans a few feet, where we couldn’t grow crops on frozen ground?

Roland Seguin, Fernridge

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