Letter: Apology owed on vaccine issue

Dear Editor,

I am a father of three kids and together with my wife we have decided not to vaccinate our kids.

I will not get into detail about the reasons behind this decision.

I would like only to mention that my wife and I are very well educated – I have a MS degree in engineering and my wife has a BS.

I am fluent in three languages, my wife in four.

Making a decision about your kids is not an easy one, neither is driven by impulse.

We, as all of the parents that we know, who have chosen not to vaccinate their kids, had read a good number of articles, scientific researches, publications and books about vaccines, their effect on the human immune system and all their benefits.

Mr. Bob Groeneveld [Herd gets into fight with malaria, Jan. 14, Advance] is calling people like me and my wife “sheep” and “too stupid” in his column.

I believe that we are neither. I believe that this kind of language is offensive and is stigmatizing our lawful right as citizens of this country to choose. A choice, that is no doubt, very well educated. Perhaps Mr. Bob Groeneveld would like to shed some light on his resources for the article instead.

I will not go further in details about how a drug/vaccine is tested, sometimes only on a handful of people before FDA or another agency would approve it.

I will not go further to explain how “mom and dads feel sorry for their kids” after a vaccine has been administered and the kid develops autism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, sometimes cancer and death.

I will not go further in explaining how the life of my best friend and his family have changed after his older son was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and kidney failure due to vaccine administration.

These facts, unfortunately are not published by papers or reporters, simply because they don’t fit in the propaganda by pharmaceutical companies.

This is just a small evidence for Mr. Groeneveld that I have made my homework.

My wife and I have dug information for years, and still do. And if the evidence of the safety of the vaccines are shown in a satisfactory manner, we would gladly accept them and change our position. We are open minded people, that don’t just repeat what we are told or paid to says or write.

I believe that Mr. Groeneveld and the editorial team of the newspaper owes us and all the like minded an official apology for the language used in this article. I also do believe that a self respected newspaper would publish my letter as a response to an article, that had been driven by hatred emotions, rather than facts.

I do believe that every parent has the right to make a choice for their kids. Whether this is to vaccinate or not, this is a choice that is driven by the best for the kid.

The choices we make are typically based on information, experience and fear, and they are all different for all of us, thus the different choices.

S. Karanfilov



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