LETTER: MP refutes one man’s ‘skewed’ views on immigration

‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts’: John Aldag

  • Dec 15, 2018

LETTER: Stop picking on the dog and vet

One letter writer has yet to hear Cameron’s ban from the dog park has been lifted.

  • Dec 16, 2018

LETTER: Township council needs to work together

Writer bemoans ‘personal feelings clouding judgement on things that make sense to the public’

LETTER: Rising sun flag in Langley classroom has historical baggage.

Historical events can have an effect on present day decisions.

  • Dec 10, 2018

Letter: Nation built by immigrants

MP John Aldag pushed back against criticism of PM Justin Trudeau.

  • Dec 8, 2018
Langley toy sellers share what's hot this holiday
Christmas is in the Air v2
Langley bracing for another windstorm
Blood drive in memory of deceased Langley firefighter

LETTER: Don’t flood Canada with illegals

Langley letter writer Dean Clark opposes Justin Trudeau’s plan for a ‘flood’ of migrants.

  • Dec 9, 2018

LETTER: We have one chance, let’s get it right

Council can and should learn from past mistakes when planning development of Brookswood/Fernridge.

  • Dec 6, 2018

If you’re going to pull Baby It’s Cold Outside, pull these songs too, B.C. man writes

Parksville resident Bernie Smith points to other offensive holiday tunes

  • Dec 5, 2018

LETTER: What about Langley’s trees?

Council had better work pretty fast or much of Langley Township will be clear-cut

LETTER: Langley wildlife rehab shelter staff shocked by raccoon’s abuse

Critter Care tried to save a young female raccoon that had been deliberately hurt.

  • Dec 2, 2018

Letter: Biking had many benefits

An avid cyclist sets out the benefits of cycling for people and communities.

  • Nov 30, 2018

LETTER: Kettles are fun way to make a difference in our community

A Langley bell ringer encourages others to volunteer for the Salvation Army annual Christmas drive.

  • Nov 26, 2018

LETTER: As the deadline approaches, more locals are speaking to referendum

There’s still time to cast a vote for or against proportional representation in B.C.

  • Nov 26, 2018

LETTER: Debate rages whether flag in a Langley classroom is educational or offensive

Letter writers are coming down for and against hanging a ‘rising sun’ flag in a Walnut Grove class.

  • Nov 25, 2018

LETTER: Langley writer argues against proportional representation

A local uses New Zealand politics to voice a preference for first past the post voting.

  • Nov 23, 2018

Letter: Conservatives did nothing on housing problem for a decade: MP

Cloverdale-Langley City MP John Aldag says the Liberals are taking action.

  • Nov 21, 2018

Odd Thoughts: History value-added… or subtracted

Langley columnist Bob Groeneveld looks at the numbers of history.

  • Nov 14, 2018

Remembrance Day 2018 – Aldergrove, B.C.

Jim Sclater of Aldergrove was inspired to pen the 2018 Remembrance Day verses

LETTER: Langley voter turnout disappointing

Ashamed, very, very ashamed of our fellow Langley citizens for their pathetic voter turnout