Christmas in Langley: Dear Santa…

Enjoy letters to Santa Claus from some Langley students. Watch for more letters in upcoming editions.

Santa's looking pretty hipster in some of the art in Langley students letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

Can I Please have an Ipad 4. I realy don’t want much. can’t a man have one thing. Okay actualy I am really fine with what I have but if you can get me it, that would be amazing. Okay I have a few questions. how do you travil around the world in one night. How do you have so much presents in one sleigh. how do you make your raindeers fly. with magic? How do you make so much presents in one year. You know what Santa I don’t care if I don’t get a present. Cristmas is abat spending time with your family. You can get my brother and sister something. I don’t need enything. On second thought I want a computer too. I need to talk to you about it’s a secrat. Just please get a segway for my brother. he is sick today. hopfuly my christmas will be good this year. I have one more question. How do you know every persan in the world. Hey Santa how is Mrs. Claus. doing okay and she is taking care of you. hopfuly you are not sick for christmas. Santa how much elves to you have. How much cookies do you eat in a year. How big is your house. How much colors is your house. Do you even have roudolf in your stables. How much houses do you go to. How do you fit down the chimny. After all I love Christmas. To be continued. From your friend

Matthew Nichol, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

the ‘to be contined Parigraph’

Dear Santa,

it’s your friend. again. Matthew. I disided to write a nother parigraph. I guess I don’t need to but I wanted to. I have a lot more questions for you. Okay Probroly like 20 more. how do you eat all of those cookies in one night. How do you no if the People are bad or good. How do you feed your randeer. How do you rispend to every child  woulden’t it be eaiesr for your elves to do it. After all there is like one billion people to respon to. Do you know Christmas is my favorite season. Did you know my favorite St. is you. I mean you St. Nick. Santa am I on the nice or notty list. Please say I am on the nice list cross my fingers. How many nice things I have done. do you have a Christmas tree in your house. What do your elves were green or red. I say green I think. So about the nice thing me and my brother fight alot but we make up. So I hope I’m still on the nice list cross your fingers again. Hopfaly more points for Honesty. Do you like Cristmas as much as I do? How do you feed your randeer. What do you feed your randeer. I Love Christmas.

Love your friend,

Matthew Nichol, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

How do you make the toys. I remember last year you gave me a pokemon game. Are your reindeer feling good? I wot for christmas a fitbit wach. And a gopro.

from Maxum Freig, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary

Dear Santa,

I am Leaellyn. I want little toys for christmas. do you have a dog?

Leaellyn Batten, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

What I want for christmas is a new Nerf gun and maybe some other stuff. So how did Rudolph get that shiny nose? When he was born don’t you thing that’s kind of weird? So how just how do you get down the chimany? do you squeze through? But how are you so qiueit and not wake us up? you must be really queit! and this is the end of my letter.

from your friend

Luca Sicolo, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? How are you’re reindeer’s doing? for Christmas I wont an Iphone7. I wundr what you and you’re reindeers whnt to eat. do you want milk and cookies. do they wont carats to eat.


Dylan Toms, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary

Dear Santa,

My name is Agatha. I enjoy dancing and art but I like singing. For Christmas I would like an ipad. By the way, Will you be needing Rudolph this year?


Agatha Brunac, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

do you now which kind of prezent I want already like this letter is from the school so I made two letters one is from my home and the other that is from the school And this letter is from school so this is the second letter that I make well thanks for reading the letter good bye.

Volodya Chernikov, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a very marrie christmas. I love you Santa you are great man Santa. I wonder how are the elves doing. I wonder how the reindeer are doing. love

Tila-Ann Rowe, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary

Dear Santa,

My name is Sebastien. I am 8 yeas old. My favourite sport is BasketBall. I like to Bike. I also like to play with my cousins. Santa how old are you? Who is your favourite reindeer? this is my list 1st i would like a pokemon Gx. 2nd i would like zombie war pixlepops. 3rd i would like mega pokemon Pack.

Sebastien Campbell, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa you make me happy but this Christmas you can give me whatever you want to give me. Christmas is to give Presints so because I am 8 I have to give Presint to my family like you because I want to be like you this Christmas and so and so and so. I love Christmas.

From your friend,

Brooklyn Pighin, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

Do you like milk or eggnog? is Rudolph feling good? my dog no’s some tricks. I love Christmas it is the best holiday of the year. Love,

Sophie Nicholson, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary

Dear Santa,

I wod like for crismis doctor who stuf AND North Pole snow and how Do randeer flip and for lago dmensens tallerepoter set. how mots elves do you haf.


Dexter Caughy, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

What I want for christmas is some sparckly Red running shos for my mom. Her size is six. But you may want to check with her. I also want some new clothes for baby calume and Lindy. My brother wants A atendo live three ds. But if thats not Posible gust get him a sfero.

From your frient

Thomas Brett, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

How are the elves and the reindeer? Santa code you get me rollrskats for Christmas. I have a brother but He’s not haer today. So he cant tell you Waut he wants and I have 0 pets.


Kelli O’Kane, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary

Dear Santa

Hi! My name is Irene. I want Tsam Tsam Pigure. I want Tsum Tsum Pigure that I Don’t have. and I am two question. First question is How old are you? and second question is How many reinder are they? and my question is the end. Bye. from

Irene Cho, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary


Dear Santa,

What I my little brother my older sister and my older brother. What I would want are an Ipod 6 a hoverboard some shoes some cloths thats what I want. My little brother wants the exact same thing Just a remote control donosaur. My older one wants onething a teeth whitening kit. My sister wants a hoverboard slime and putty and an Ipod 6 and some cloths. And now I have some questions how much cookies do you eat a day And how much elves work for you. from:

Ozeki Urefe, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

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