Monika Petrikova shared a video of her recent trip to Derby Reach. (Facebook)

VIDEO: Where in Langley do you like to stroll?

Langley Advance readers are asked to share their favourite hiking and walking sites in Langley.

Langley has many places to walk and hike.

We’d like to hear from you, the Langley Advance readers, about your favourite spots in town to take a stroll.

Whether that means suiting up for a more extensive, long trek, or just a leisurely walk, we’d like to hear about where you go and why.

In fact, consider taking us along on the journey.

For instance, we heard from Monika Petrikova, who shared this video.

She’s from White Rock, but is a huge fan of the Derby Reach area.

“It is a great place for hiking, walking, bicycling, camping, swimming, relaxing, playing, picnics… I love it there and Fort Langley’s Fort-to-Fort Trail.

Here’s another videographer who’s shared the magic of Derby Reach.

Dario Passarini also shared a drone video from winter at Derby.

Likewise, someone posting on YouTube as My North Langley, also made a video.

Metro Vancouver also has a video talking about the area as a recreational get-away.