Aldergrove Kodiaks tough in playoffs

Aldergrove's junior hockey team is tearing through their competitors.


Ridge Meadow Flames went down in, well, flames after facing off with the Aldergrove Kodiaks over the weekend. That puts Aldergrove three games up in the second round of playoff action.

“The boys are sticking to the game plan,” said team manager Rick Harkins.

After dominating the Harold Brittain Conference with a 36-win, seven-loss regular season, the Kodiaks have already knocked down one challenger en route to a hoped-for conference title.

Harkins isn’t counting any chickens, however.

“This team has the talent,” he said. “There’s a lot of luck involved to make that happen, too.”

Keeping everyone healthy will be a big part of that. The team will work hard game to game.

“One shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time,” said Harkins.

A trophy won’t be the measuring stick for the team this year, he said. It’ll be the success of Kodiaks moving up to the next level of competitive hockey.

“Regardless, it’s a successful season,” Harkins said of the year.