Canadian children and junior members of the Maple Leafs went up against their U.S. counterparts, the Stars and Stripes, Saturday and emerged triumphant in a competition at Tbird. (Special to the Langley Advance)

Adults not the only equine riders competing for supremacy in Langley this weekend

Canadian children and juniors take back-to-back wins at Langley’s Thunderbird Show Park this weekend.

Both the Canadian children’s and Junior teams take the win Saturday at Thunderbird Show Park (Tbird) in Langley.

In light of Nations Cup week on at Tbird this week, Canada and U.S.A. had their children and junior teams – know as the Maple Leafs and Stars and Stripes – compete in a mock Nations Cup event this weekend at Tbird.

Beth Underhill walked the course with both teams, resembling a mother goose with her ducklings, show park media person Emily Penn said.

The young riders all walked the Nations Cup course the previous day and Saturday was their opportunity to walk and show their stuff.

“At a 1.20-m the children’s course was designed by Peter Holmes and asked just enough questions for the young riders,” Penn said.

The children’s team competition started with Stars and Stripes rider Maggie Kehring – who put in a clear round right off the bat, Penn said.

The Maple Leafs rebutted with a clear round from Anya Berenznicki.

Next in for Stars was Mikayla Foster, who had one down.

Megan Schlosser was next for the Leafs, and had two rails down.

Alexa Leong had 12 faults for U.S.A., which resulted in the drop score, as Emma Callanan – as the American anchor – was clear.

But the Canadians came out on top for round one with Carly Stevens and Hannah Rajotte both going clear, leaving Canada with a blank slate for the second round.

And, for the second round, Berenzicki and Rajotte both had one rail, but with one dropped, they tied with the Americans for only four faults total.

It was then a jump-off contest for the first-place finish.

All eight riders completed a jump off, but it was Canada again that took the lead as they had three go clear in the jump off, while Stars and Stripes had two rides with a rail, Penn explained.

That was all The Leafs needed for the win.

Next up was the juniors.

The Maple Leafs were again able to snag the lead again in this 1.40-m class.

Cassie Gorsline was first in for Canada with five faults, American Giavanna Rinaldi put in a clear round for a lead from U.S.

But with only three riders, the Stars and Stripes couldn’t drop Louisa Brackett’s 14 faults – which left them with a total of 18 faults after the first round. The Maple Leafs dropped Megan Champoux’s eights faults for a total of only six, which gave them a big lead after the first round.

For the second round, Stars and Stripes rider Rinaldi placed another beautiful clear round. But, it wasn’t enough with Delaney Flynn having eight faults in her round.

Team Maple Leafs had the win after Jenna Lee Gottschlich and Megan Champoux both posted clear.

The action continues at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley today. And for an extra special experience, there’s the 12th annual Grand Prix Gala – from 1 to 4 p.m. – which benefits the Langley School District Foundation. That too is happening Sunday, from 1 to 4 p.m.

The park is located at 24550 72 Ave., in Langley. Attending the various show jumping events is free. The fundraising gala is by ticket only.


MAPLE LEAF (CAN) – Children

Chef d’Equipe: Beth Underhill

Diazella – Anya Bereznicki

Cassina St. Kriru Z – Megan Schlosser

Lcc Hello Kate – Carly Stevens

Aurora – Hannah Rajotte


Chef d’Equipe: Dianne Langler

Cole Haan – Maggie Kehring

Ash Ville Rock – Mikayla Foster

Hertogin ter Drie Leien – Alexa Leong

Q – Two – Emma Callanan

MAPLE LEAF (CAN) – Juniors

Chef d’Equipe: Beth Underhill

Siempre Salsa – Cassie Gorsline

Casper – Jenna Lee Gottschlich

Outflow – Megan Champoux

Cartoon – Mary Jones


Chef d’Equipe: Dianne Langler

Julio vh Elzenhout – Giavanna Rinaldi

Milan IV – Delaney Flynn

Czechmate – Louisa Brackett