Painful Truth: Army of liars backs racist violence

An online army makes excuses and gathers recruits for extremist ideology.

The violent events in Charlottesville, VA on the weekend shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The so-called alt-right, (also known as the new face of fascism) has been on the march for several years in the United States, in Europe, and in Canada.

The violent outbursts – the Quebec Islamic Centre massacre in January, the attack with a car in Charlottesville – are merely the tip of the spear.

Behind them, there is a largely hidden infrastructure of hate, and of lies. You don’t see it unless you’re looking for it.

The liars are more numerous and more insidious than those who openly declare their evil.

See a swastika flag? Hear angry voices chanting racial epithets, spouting hatred for Jews, for Muslims, for refugees and foreigners and women and LGBTQ people…

Well, the bigotry is obvious.

But behind them is the army of apologists.

This weekend I watched a prominent Canadian YouTube personality linked to the alt-right comment and interview on the Charlottesville attack. It was a master class in disingenuous nonsense.

I saw suggestions that the attack with the car was a mere accident, that those wearing swastikas were perhaps “ironic” or “exuberant” and that the straight-armed Nazi salutes were “Roman salutes.”

That was all in 10 minutes.

The liars, who are also often seeking to peddle snake oil and to draw as much cash from their followers as possible, (see: Alex Jones) are notable for what they lack.

No empathy for the victims. No denunciation of racism, because they claim there are no racists on their side. Instead, they turn every attack outward. The other side was violent! They started it! Black Lives Matter, antifa, even local religious leaders, are all more to blame than people who showed up with guns and torches and body armour.

They play the victim, each and every time, even while they claim it’s their opponents who are weak and cowardly.

The enablers of the new Nazism are here, and they need to be called out and exposed.