Our view: Good information is key for Langley voters

The Langley Advance is publishing information on key local issues each week leading up to the provincial election.

Getting to the polls is easy enough. Find out about your riding, learn who your candidates are, turn up on the day of the vote, and make your X on that paper.

But before you do that, you have to make up your mind. And we hope that you do it based on the issues.

In the coming weeks, leading up to the expected May 9  provincial election, we’ll be trying to give you as much information as we’re able to supply.

Not just about your candidates – though we hope to keep you apprised of their stands. Mostly, we want to spend the run up to this election talking about the issues.

We begin today, talking about health. [See a story on page A3.]

As of this week, if you don’t have a family doctor in Langley, you literally can’t get one. Not a single GP is taking on new patients.

Our walk-in clinics have lines out the door early on many mornings, our ER is busy, and local health officials are having trouble recruiting more docs.

Why we’ve reached this state, and what’s to be done, are questions to direct at the candidates.

We’ll be looking at several other big issues, and we hope that you’ll chime in. Send us letters or comment on our Facebook page, and let us know what issues you want your local MLA hopefuls to address.

We’ve always encouraged our local politicians to be responsive to the public during their whole terms. But their minds are never quite so focused on the wishes of their voters as they are right now.

For the next few weeks, Langley voters have a chance to influence the shape of the province during the next four years.

We hope it turns out well.