Odd Thoughts: Hunting easier, catching too

With an election only a couple of months from the horizon, I’m not entirely sure that this is a good time to make it easier to kill things.

Come to think of it, it’s probably not a great time to simplify the process of identifying and hunting down people who do stupid things, either.

Put those two things together and the dangers are pretty obvious.

Consider that both “streamlining” initiatives are being set up by the politicians themselves, and it seems almost like a suicide pact.

Of course, there’s always a bit of a risk to make mention of guns and shooting in earshot of hunters – it tends to get their salivary glands running – especially this far ahead of hunting season, when there’s still a lot of time for frustration to build.

And the thought of being able to get their licences much more quickly and easily – online, from the comfort of their easy chair while watching the Canucks blow another game – has got to heighten the Pavlovian response.

But wait! Slide that round back out of the chamber for a second, guys. It may be easier to get your license, but you’ll have a few extra regs to contend with.

While rational hunters (I ‘m confident such animals do exist) will actually be pleased, there will certainly be a few animal killers who will lose their birdshot over a new requirement to have their redesigned species licenses (I trust it’s the licenses, and not the species that will be redesigned) with them at all times.

And conservation officers can request photo ID from any hunter, angler, or trapper. You can bet there will be a few libertarians – armed with shotguns – who will get their camouflage knickers in a knot over that.

Meanwhile, other amendments to the same set of laws will be aimed at making it easier for wildfire investigators to catch and hold responsible the people who burn down our forests.

Hmm… I’ve just had a thought. What if we combined the two? Make it easier to get a license to hunt down the fire-starters? As fire season precedes hunting season, it would have the added benefit of giving hunters a warm-up period to prepare them to shoot Bambi’s mother.

And the thought of the summer activity might help them control themselves with all those politicians breaking cover in May.