Letter: Trucks dangerous on 216th Street

A truck driver discusses the 216th Street interchange and overpass project.

Dear Editor,

To Township of Langley mayor and councillors:

Regarding redevelopment of 216th Street into a heavy truck route.

It came to my attention the Township council will vote on Monday, May 8 about turning 216th Street into a heavy truck route.

I would like to once again voice my opinion.

This is a bad idea.

About a dozen years ago I was invited, along with several other trucking company owners, to a meeting to discuss this project. After looking at the plans and listening to the speaker we collectively told him we disagreed with the concept. Even then it was obvious a concentration of large vehicles would conflict with the safety of what was intended to be a growing residential area. We truckers take road safety very seriously.

Expressing condolences will be of little solace to a grieving family.

If this goes ahead, it will become an unnecessarily dangerous road that will go down in the history of the Township as an even worse boondoggle than 200th Street with its plethora of lights that could have and should have been avoided.

This is the time to show foresight. Please do not allow this debacle to proceed.

Ted Campbell,