Surrey teacher Jeremy Lendvoy was able to treat his Grade 8 students to an outing with the help of a Walnut Grove fitness facility.

Letter: Surrey students schooled in kindness at Langley gym

A Surrey teacher is commending a Walnut Grove business owner for helping youth.

Dear Editor,

My name is Jeremy Lendvoy and I am a teacher of an inner city school in Whalley in the Surrey School District. I run the popular ‘After School Fitness Club’ which targets at-risk boys Grades 8 to 12. The goal of the program is to encourage healthy living and fitness to boys at risk to the gang life.

To celebrate the successful year I have been hoping to take some of the most at-risk boys in Grade 8 to a community gym and then out for lunch. Unfortunately, I was denied entry to all Surrey corporate gyms due to fees, company rules and other age restrictions.

Thankfully, Adam Fedoriuk, owner of Total Fitness in Walnut Grove, came to our rescue. Without any costs or restrictions this Langley small gym owner welcomed my boys into his gym with open arms. He offered these inner city boys training and diet advice, and even welcomed them with a honorary free membership whenever they can make it for a workout. As a competitive bodybuilder, Adam is now their larger than life hero with a bigger heart than even his biceps.

Jeremy Lendvoy, Surrey