Letter: Liberals have long record of shenanigans

Dear Editor,

I have to take issue with the wording in this editorial [“Election funds a one-off,” March 16, 2017, Langley Advance].

“The BC Liberals are doing what they, and the NDP and the Social Credit did before them – throw money at the electorate.”

One cannot separate the Social Credit from the B.C. Liberals, who are not “liberals” but the Social Credit party in sheep’s clothing.

It was Gordon Wilson in 1987 who resuscitated the comatose Liberal Party, to become official opposition, with 17 seats, relegating the fractured Socreds to a distant third with seven seats. After some nonsense about an extramarital affair, made the most of by the media, Wilson was replaced as party leader by none other than the infamous Gordon Campbell.

Back to my issue with the second paragraph. Which would have been more appropriately worded: “The BC Liberals and the Social Credit Party before them throw money at the electorate.” Not “and the NDP and the Social Credit did before them…” A misleading sentence indeed for anyone out there that does not follow the political shenanigans in this province.

The NDP have only governed the province from 1972 to 1975 and then again from 1991 to 2001. The rest of the time since 1952, the Socreds/Liberal have thrown money at the electorate for five decades.

Greg Holmes