Letter: Liberal candidate no-shows owe voters a reason

Why did the Liberal candidates for Langley and Langley East not attend the all candidates hosted by the teachers’ union?

Dear Editor,

RE: All-candidates’ meeting sponsored by Langley Teachers’ Association, Wednesday, April 19.

I attended.

All candidates from all four of Langley’s electoral districts were invited to participate. My thanks to the Conservative, Green, Libertarian and NDP candidates who attended. And, to LTA for hosting this important meeting.

Not one of our four Langley BC Liberal candidates was present. Why not, is the obvious question? Langley citizens need answers.

Langley Liberal candidates, your absence does not bode well for our students, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators and school trustees. Are you stuck in the muck of the past, muck you created by ripping up a legally binding contract? A rip that went all the way to our Supreme Court of Canada to be ruled upon? Are you still holding grudges, still unwilling to accept our top court’s 30-minute decision? This seems a possibility, given last night’s no-show.

I hope my suspicions are unfounded. Your responses are needed. Respectfully, I ask each of you to send your replies here for voters to read.

Larri Woodrow, Walnut Grove