Letter: Langley senior concerned about real estate market

A longtime resident wants to sell his home but the market is so tumultuous.

Dear Editor,

This time we may not vote. We always vote Liberal, but this time we just cannot and the alternative isn’t a good one. We have been looking for a new property to move to from our last one for over two years. Over the last few years that Christy Clark welcomed the land and property buyers from another country, an offshore one, we have despaired of being able to move and have been ready to buy when the right opportunity happens.

The offshore buyers came in droves and in my opinion the Clark government welcomed them and raked in the property transfer tax money by the ton. All of us long time or born in Canada citizens and taxpayers all our lives, were completely ignored until the outcry was finally heard by these disgusting B.C. Liberal politicians.

To see property after property lost to these offshore buyers as many hundreds of couples and other buyers from here at home were desperately trying to find their next home to move on to, we now realize that our property futures are changed forever by Clark, Coleman and De Yong and crew. Its definitely a mistake not to have put the 15 per cent offshore buyers tax all over B.C. and much too late anyway. Then recently start to offer some relief to these offshore buyers in those new softened rules.

What goes on in those trade missions to China anyways? The B.C. Liberals have stubbornly refused to change the property tax transfer forms to require buyers and sellers to answer questions about tax residency, whether a homebuyer or seller pays their fair share of taxes in this country.

I was born in Canada and have lived a number of years in three different provinces. I grew up here and want to stay here but the B.S. constantly indulged in by this Liberal government is really taking its toll on most of us. The Uberless state we are in, cash donations to the premier, taxes and living costs here have really gone over the top and to see Christie’s smiling face on T.V. lately has really gotten sickening when you think about all the issues with the Liberals.

To quote Kevin O’Leary: “Where is it written in the Canadian Constitution that we have to settle for mediocrity and incompetence” in government? We are suffering from incompetence at all levels of bureaucracy in federal and pProvincial and right on down the line to local levels of government. Just because someone runs for a position in any level of the bureaucracy doesn’t mean they are fit to assume the position. Unfortunately they can dish out mistakes and costs for those mistakes to us for three years until they are made to go away.

Clark, Coleman, de Jong and all the rest of you who think you are in the right by keeping our taxes raised every year and the costs for everything going through the roof maybe you will meet your match with the unhappy voter this year.

“You transfer tax fiddled while our property futures burned” as the offshore buyer frenzy went on and on. I am a senior and enough is enough and i am hoping that the voters will at least make it so a couple of Liberals lose their seats while i try to find a property to buy this summer.

What also gets me are the offshore run realty firms here, now encouraging their offshore citizens to keep coming here to buy homes and properties and helping them to do so. One final word to all of you thinking of selling, think about your price carefully. Will you have the next “stale listing” that we will all go to see and wonder who thought up the high price. Are you ready to have dozens of prospective buyers come and go without making an offer, thinking also about the overbidding type of “offer taking” over asking price, that is practiced by many realtors.

It’s very tense out there, and it may be us that come to view your home and wonder how you could possibly think most of us could pay for it. We are getting a bit desperate but none of us are stupid and just because we have sold doesn’t mean we got enough to come and buy your place.

It’s also time for seniors buying another property to get a reduction on the transfer taxes they have to pay when they do find the next place to enjoy their next and maybe last days. Just my opinion but it all had to be said.

D. Cummings, Langley