Letter: Freedom of speech needs to be exercised

A Langley letter writer concurs with a local man's take on Trump's election win.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to offer my support to Win Bromley who wrote in Thursday’s paper [Trump win offers a lesson to all politicians, Jan. 5, Langley Advance].

It’s refreshing to see that there are a few people who see the light. I, too, cannot believe all the folks who won’t speak the truth for fear of what others think and will say. So we sit back in silence and allow the most horrendous things to happen for fear of hurting the feelings of the one who inflicts the wounds.

We need to all wake up and speak the truth. The truth is the only way to freedom from this politically correct business. We are letting them win by bending to their demands of silence.

Let’s speak while we still can.

Lois Hooks, Langley