Langley incumbent MLAs gave cookie cutter replies

Why did the Liberal candidates for two local ridings give the same responses to the newspaper poll?

Dear Editor,

With the coming provincial election, I was looking forward to reading the “10 Questions” feature in today’s newspaper [May 4, 2017 edition].

Needless to say, I was very disappointed to see the responses from our two incumbent candidates.

At least Mary Polak and Rich Coleman could have done their constituents the courtesy of providing individual responses.

Instead they just gave identical, word-for-word template answers – as they have done with every organization that has asked for their responses to questions.

It speaks to their arrogance and contempt for the citizens they “represent.”

Just how interested can these two be in representing the needs of Langley constituents if they can’t be bothered to provide answers specific to their riding?

Dale Harrison, Langley