UPDATE: Langley City switches water source temporarily

A valve repair means switching to the Township water supply.

Langley City residents may notice some cloudy water coming from their taps in the coming days.

Metro Vancouver is changing a pressure regulator value on the Clayton-Langley Water Main.

The valve, located at 196 Street and Fraser Highway, must be shut off in order to complete this work, which will temporarily affect the source of the City’s water supply.

During the work, the City will be hooked into the Township water system. There has been computer modeling done to ensure the temporary water supply situation can meet average daily water requirements.

“If residents notice cloudy water they are advised to let the water run until it clears. Cloudy water and changes in water taste are no cause for concern; water quality testing is completed regularly by the City of Langley and Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver to ensure water is consistently safe to drink,” noted City communications officer Samantha Paulson.

On Feb. 15, Metro Van will start a two-day operational field rest with the valve repair slated to be done Feb. 27 to March 4. The work has had to be rescheduled from the originally announced dates due to the weather.

In addition to the water being impacted, traffic in the area of 196th Street and Fraser Highway will be impacted intermittently.

Any questions about the water situation can be directed to 604-514-2997 or engineering@langleycity.ca.