The Langley school district is holding a public forum aimed at allowing educators

‘Unconference’ allows players to discuss schooling ideas for Langley

A repeat of the EdCamp35, happening in April opens education conversation to the community.

  • Wed Mar 15th, 2017 7:00pm
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“All you need to bring is your ideas.”

That’s the welcoming message behind the Langley School District’s fourth annual EdCamp35 on Saturday, April 29.

Open to educators, parents, students, and community members, EdCamp35 is considered an ‘unconference’ – a place for flexible and open collaboration on all things education, said Nick Ubels, a professional and community services employee for School District #35.

Best of all, he added, EdCamp35 is free and includes a delicious food truck lunch for all participants.

Langley teacher Victoria Lindgren-Streicher was inspired to host a local event after attending a handful of EdCamps in other school districts.

“This [is] choice-based Pro-D for teachers by teachers, and a place where a whole community could come together to discuss educational issues. It’s a powerful format,” she said.

Lindgren-Streicher describes EdCamps as “organic events.”

“They are not pre-planned sessions and there are no ‘sit-and-get’ presentations; it’s all discussion-based where any attendee can add thoughts, resources, or questions.”

Attendees come with ideas for one-hour sessions.

At the beginning of the day, the ideas are voted on, forming the schedule for the day.

Participants divide into different classrooms organized by topic, and the collaboration begins.

Unique among Pro-D events, EdCamps are open to parents, students, and other community members.

They are encouraged to curate topics, sit in on discussions, and contribute to the learning that takes place during the event, she said.

Lindgren-Streicher emphasized the importance of this feature.

“Parents and educators both come at student learning from different perspectives. Because we need to work as a team to support the whole child, it is only natural to have discourse around educational topics together.”

She hopes to encourage transparency and empathy throughout the community, as ideas are shared between educators and the community.

EdCamp35 takes place at H.D Stafford Middle School on April 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

To register or to learn more, people can visit

CAPTION: The Langley school district is holding a public forum aimed at allowing educators, parents, and students to share ideas and discuss plans for local education. It will be held at H.D. Stafford Middle School, where principal Shawn Davids (above) welcomed participants to the 2016.