New Age Farm’s website shows a graphic of its greenhouses.

Marijuana farm planned for rural Langley

Legal marijuana could be grown and processed here.

Construction could start soon on a Langley warehouse for a planned legal marijuana growing operation.

New Age Farm announced that it’s “Langley campus” will be the site of a 50,000 square foot warehouse, to go with existing 48,000 square feet of greenhouses.

The company operates on both sides of the border, with its NHS Industries subsidiary handling its Canadian operations.

Building the planned new warehouse will involve excavating up to 65,000 cubic yards of peat, and backfilling the hole. That would mean about 7,900 truckloads of material.

So far, New Age Farm has only announced that it has found a contractor to begin site preparation work.

As of Friday, Langley Township officials were not aware of applications by NHS or New Age Farm for a soil deposit permit or a building permit for a warehouse.

According New Age Farm’s website, the plan is not to grow marijuana directly.

Instead, it will accept licensed growers as tenants when new legalization come into force.

The warehouse, including dry and cold storage, could be used for storage and distribution by the same tenants.

The location of the site is not listed on the New Age Farm website.

The same firm owns two sites in Washington State, which legalized marijuana in 2014 for recreational use.

The farms in Sumas and Oroville already lease to three growers.

During a visit to Victoria on March 2, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that legislation on marijuana legalization may come as early as this summer.