Langley’s escaped wallaby recaptured safely

A marsupial that was roaming rural Langley for two days was netted Saturday.

A call to the Langley RCMP was the tip that led to the recapture of a missing wallaby Saturday morning.

“Somebody phoned us this morning and said, ‘There’s a kangaroo in my back yard,'” said Sgt. Barry Beales of the Langley RCMP.

The homeowner had missed the media coverage of the wallaby, which escaped from its enclosure near the 22200 block of 56th Avenue sometime early Thursday.

The animal was first spotted by several people on Thursday, even before its owners reported it missing that afternoon.

The wallaby was seen several more times over Friday, but was too fast and skittish to be cornered.

Langley Mounties following up on Saturday morning’s tip alerted the owners, who managed to net the animal, said Beales.

“The owners are quite ecstatic,” he said.

Wallabies are related to kangaroos, but are smaller.

Although reforms to exotic pet ownership were enacted in 2009, wallabies and other marsupials are not restricted animals.