The plane ended up nose-down in a ditch. (Sunshine Coast RCMP)

Langley pilot zips off Sechelt runway

The student pilot was unhurt after a mishap on the Sunshine Coast.

A student pilot from Langley survived a rough landing at a local airport in Sechelt Monday evening.

At about 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 21, the 19-year-old pilot came in for a landing at the Sunshine Coast Regional Airport, said Const. Karen Whitby, spokesperson for the Sunshine Coast RCMP.

The pilot – the sole occupant of the plane – intended to make a brief touch down and then fly back to Langley.

Instead, the Cessna 172 drove off the runway, across a grassy area, and finally stopped nose-down in a ditch in some thick bushes.

The pilot was not hurt, and the airplane suffered only minor damage. Sechelt firefighters, BC Ambulance Service paramedics, and local RCMP all arrived quickly, but the pilot had already climbed out of the Cessna on his own.

The aircraft was unable to brake fully. Transport Canada will investigate the incident.