Langley can have say in Metro Van water rules

Metro Vancouver is updating its water regulations.

Lawn sprinkling rules and other uses of water are the topics of discussion at Metro Vancouver sustainability dialogues thismonth.

Each year the Langleys, like all Metro Vancouver member communities, face water use restrictions.

Metro Vancouver is updating the region-wide Water Shortage Response Plan that regulates how residents, businesses and local governments use drinking water in the summer months or during periods of water shortages

“Our dialogue sessions generate a wealth of information that will help us all – politicians, business, community advocates and citizens alike as we work towards a sustainable future for Metro Vancouver,” said Metro Vancouver board chair Greg Moore. “Expert panellists and highly engaged participants have provided fresh and stimulating perspectives on regional issues and while Metro Vancouver may not be able to tackle all the challenges on its own, it can certainly serve as a catalyst in identifying actions and working, with partners, towards their implementation”.

The nearest event for Langley residents is Jan. 19 in Surrey at City hall, 13450 104th Ave., from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

There are also sustainability dialogues in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Port Moody.

Those who cannot attend can fill out Metro Vancouver’s online survey (

Metro Vancouver is responsible for storing, treating and distributing drinking water across the region, as well as monitoring how and when it is used. Water use regulations are often called as the sprinkling regulations, though they include other water uses.

Over the years, Metro Vancouver has held these dialogues on topics such as from housing, transportation, livability, waste, and social connectedness.