Langley Advance 10 Questions: Libertarian Pobran responds

Langley’s Libertarian candidate provided extended answers to our survey.

1. Do you support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline?

No, I Do not support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The existing pipeline should only service Canadian communities. Tankers should only be allowed to service West Coast communities, and we would end shipping this dirty resource any further than Canada in the interests of protecting the oceans. The current pipeline would only need to be turned on for brief periods of time to fill up storage and refining areas. During periods of inactivity, the pipeline safety could be beefed up to include, building catchment areas below the pipe and even building a second pipe around the first one to contain leaks.

2. Should the province intervene further to cool real estate prices?

Yes, there should be heavy tariffs on foreign investment.

3. Should schools be built before anticipated population growth?

No, schools should not be built before anticipated growth. The land should be reserved for schools to be built, but the demand and need for more schools should start to increase first before they are built.

4. Should modest tolls be placed on all bridges and major highways to fund TransLink?


5. Should fast-growing Langley have its own courthouse again?

No, who wants to go to court? Not me. As libertarians, we want to get rid of victim-less crimes. We would like to legalize nature and the entire plant kingdom. Treat plants as medicine, like the treatments of Dr. Gabor Maté. Addicts should be treated as patients instead of criminals. We plan to shrink the need for courthouses and policing of victim-less crimes and plants.

6. Should political donations be capped for MLAs and parties?


7. Would you support a moratorium on removing land from the ALR?

No, as a farmer and a greenhouse grower, I would be interested in allowing new planned development into the ALR land, under the conditions of allowing only organic agricultural development, increasing the productivity of the farmland by adding greenhouses, rooftop gardens, vertical gardens, espalier fruit trees and permaculture. We could create planned miniature, and small agricultural acreages without lawns and increased productivity. Opening up the ALR to this type of small acreage development would help combat the rising house prices. These same ideas could be applied to opening up the Crown land for homesteading development. This would also help make real estate more affordable as there would be no land costs for development. This land could be used for development of seniors homes. Self-sustaining, off the grid, organic agricultural communities could be developed in these areas.

8. Should B.C. allow 18 year olds to smoke legal marijuana?

Yes, what could possibly be more futile than trying to enforce this? Cannabis is a medicinal plant with around 480 medicinal compounds that have been used to treat cancers, PTSD, MS, Alzheimer’s, seizures, depression, inflammation and many other ailments. Cannabis is very different than alcohol as it can be performance enhancing at the right dosage, many examples are found in Men’s Journal article on The Green Team: 18 of the biggest Cannabis Advocates in Sports. It could heal our bodies and our minds and if children can be prescribed prescription drugs then micro-doses of this medicinal plant and others should also be an acceptable treatment. Users of Cannabis should be treated as patients and not criminals.

9. Would you support raising provincial taxes to help house the homeless?

Yes, homeless and mental health facilities could be built on Crown land to help minimize the burden to the tax payers. These facilities would be more in line with the Colony Farm model, where the patients would provide most of the labor with the intention of creating a profitable self sustaining farm, greenhouse operation.

10. Should addicts be prescribed heroin/opioids to help control the overdose crisis?

No, there are better options for detoxification like Methadone or Ayahuasca and renowned experts like Dr. Gabor Maté, to create a program.