ELECTION: Plecas urges Liberal Party to be more humble in victory speech

Abbotsford South winner pleased with his results, concerned about provincial numbers

Abbotsford South BC Liberal candidate Darryl Plecas said he hopes his party prevails tonight, but said the close election should serve as a warning that his party needs to be less aloof and speak to a broader constituency.

Plecas celebrated his victory and thanked his supporters, but warned that the challenge from the NDP shows his party needs to refocus itself.

Plecas has garnered about 52 per cent of the vote, with 78 of 102 polling stations counted.

“Our party should take a lesson from this, this close call here,” he said, speaking about the closer provincial race at large. “I think we have to speak to a broader group of people. It comes across sometimes that we are a very arrogant group of people. That’s not the case, but it sometimes seems like that. I hope this makes us more humble and more respectful of the constituents overall.