Car knocked off road in Walnut Grove

An elderly woman was taken to hospital after the incident.

An elderly woman was rear-ended and sent careening off the road into the yard of a townhouse in Walnut Grove on Thursday morning.

The crash took place at around 11:30 a.m. on 208th Street, near 87th Avenue, on the north side of the highway overpass.

The woman’s sedan was struck from behind, jumped the curb and crashed through a white picket fence and a row of cedar hedging.

It came to rest just before it slammed into a house in a gated community.

Firefighters helped the woman out of the car when they arrived. She did not seem seriously injured, said Township deputy fire chief Russ Jenkins.

“She seemed to be a little in shock,” Jenkins said.

The woman was taken to hospital by amublance to be checked out.

It is thought that the other car involved in the incident stayed at the scene. The Langley RCMP attended the crash.

Because the car was flung completely off the road, the crash did not hold up traffic for long on 208th Street.