(Langley Advance files) Members of Local 368 were walking the picket line since April 1.

Canada Bread and its Langley workers reach four-year deal

Bread makers head back to work in the coming days.

Canada Bread should be back up to full production within two weeks after settling with its locked out workers in Langley.

The bread factory on the Langley Bypass has been behind pickets since the company locked out about 160 members of the Limited and the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco, Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 468 on April 1.

“All monetary and non-monetary items within the Collective Bargaining Agreement have been successfully resolved, including matters of critical importance to the long-term viability of the bakery,” the company announced.

The union negotiating committee “unanimously endorsed” a new four-year contract, Canada Bread said.

The Langley bakery employs 200 associates, 160 of whom are in the bargaining unit Local 468. Other union workers honoured the pickets.

Since the lockout, the company used salaried staff to carry out the baking.

“We would also like to deeply thank our salaried associates who diligently baked our bread at the bakery every day for their dedication. We owe everyone involved a huge debt of gratitude for their ongoing collaboration,” the company said in annoucing the contract.