One of Fresh Donair's chicken donair platters.

Langley’s love of the donair

Fresh Donair offers a gastronomic streetside experience to donair lovers in Langley.

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There is a ritual that happens late most weekends in the big cities.

As the bars get ready to close, hungry partygoers follow their noses to the closest fast food offerings, seeking greasy burgers, subs, hotdogs, and slices of pizza.

But for the sophisticated palate craving a fresh gastronomic streetside experience – the donair is a leading snack for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

The donair, also known as gyros, donners, and doner kebabs, served in a sandwich, came to worldwide prominence in the mid- to late-20th century.

Wikipedia claims that the modern-day fast food donair was invented back in 1971 by Mahmut Aygun, a Turkish immigrant in Berlin.

Fortunately for Langley donair lovers, one doesn’t have to travel far to sink their teeth into this sweet and savoury, juicy fan-fave.

Hasib Abdul opened up Fresh Donair at 6339 200th Street last June, offering the ultimate fresh delicious and messy donair experience for foodies to sink their teeth into.

While the traditional chicken, lamb or beef donairs usually take centre stage, it’s the details that make one donair shop more successful than the next.

Fresh Donair’s chef Sam Ismail shares his top five secret ingredients in the recipe for running a successful donair restaurant:

CAPTION: House made fresh authentic tahini and garlic sauce completes the dish.

1-The Sauce

When it comes to donairs, the messier it is, the better it’s going to taste. The number one secret to an unforgettable donair experience is in the sauce, according to Ismail.

“Everyone who comes into Fresh Donair raves about my signature spicy garlic sauce,” he says, also noting that the sesame and sweet sauce are also popular with patrons.

“These sauces are all made fresh every single morning and will give your donair the most incredible flavour – it’s up to you how you want it, spicy or sweet.”

2-The Fresh Factor

Ismail, a native of Lebanon, takes great pride in every dish served, from the side salads and condiments, such as his fresh tzatziki made onsite every morning using cucumber and lemon, to the marinade and grilling process – the latter is done fresh to order.

“You won’t find a microwave onsite here,“ he said.

3-Vegetarian Friendly

Ismail is happy to accommodate the needs of vegan and vegetarian diets.

“We serve falafel, which is a very popular a vegetarian option, and ensure no animal product is used at any part of the cooking process.”

4. Wallet Friendly

Fresh Donair caters to families with their signature family platters that range from $39.99 to $59.99.

“Our platters are huge and so filling,” said Ismail, who also recommends ordering the special of the day, which includes a donair with filling of choice and a drink for $6.99. One can also upgrade their special to $7.99 to include a salad and potato or rice on the side.

5. The Customer Decides

There are many eateries that stick to a set menu or charge patrons for making substitutions, but that’s not the case at Fresh Donair, says Ismail.

“If you want half lamb and half chicken or all beef in your sandwich or platter, it’s totally up to you. And if you want all rice and no potatoes, that’s okay too. It’s always up to the customer to decide on what they’d like their meal to look like.”

Whether it’s a quick bite to grab on the go or a relaxed meal with the whole family, Fresh Donair offers foodies in the Fraser Valley a fresh, affordable and healthy dining option.

For more information, call 604-427-3393 or visit the website at

CAPTION: Every donair is handmade, fresh with toppings of your choice.