#FrontPageFriday: Langley in Smaugust

Take it easy in the heat and smog to relax with the latest edition of the Advance.

In the dog days of summer, there’s still plenty to keep up on in the latest edition of the Langley Advance.

Our Aug. 3 edition includes an editorial encouraging people to learn more about this province which is so much more than guys in stiff collars signing a paper to create the Crown colony.

There’s the fascinating tale of a woman who grew up in Aldergrove and would go on to write about hot spots in the world, including the Middle East.

Right now the big story is the weather – both the heat and the smoke from the wildfires.

Local people continue their efforts to help those affected by the fires, that’s in this edition as well.

And every week, people have a chance to win a restaurant gift card with our Throwback Thursday contest on the Our Views page.