Letter: Township council ignoring its own consultation process

An opponent of the 216th Street interchange says council was not willing to listen to presentations.

Dear Editor,

At the June 26 Township evening council meeting, I was one of the delegates to bring forth the ongoing concerns regarding the health and safety impacts of the 216th interchange project. But before I even stepped up to the microphone, members of the council tried to silence my voice. During the 2 p.m. session Councillor Fox brought forth a motion to stop myself and fellow delegate Linda Nash to speak about the interchange because “this (interchange) is a done deal”. The petulant justification of this motion was supported by Councilor Quaale and Mayor Froese.

The abject failure Mayor Froese to uphold his own community engagement charter is the height of political hypocrisy and brings into question the motives of the councillors who supported such an abhorrent dismissal of freedom of speech.

The behaviour of this council, as the community continues to question the manner in which this interchange was approved, only strengthens the resolve of the will of the people. We will not be bullied, our voices will not be silenced, and our health and safety will not be compromised.

Nathan Jones, Langley