Letter: Langley Township’s plans for Brookswood/Fernridge fail residents

A local resident says the latest Brookswood/Fernridge planning process was still developer-driven.

Dear Editor,

We all know Willoughby is a disaster, (as we have gone into great lengths to compare the defeated 2014 Brookswood/Fernridge OCP to what a mess this council has done there) and we residents still don’t want that here.

The last OCP was horrible, and this new one, no matter how many meetings, and posters they put on the table, they still don’t listen, and push and bully and force their developer handed ideas on to us people that told them last time “make a better plan!”

This OCP draft is worse, they stuck 4,000 square foot lots in the last minute, why even the “CPT” Community Planning Team (that were supposed to represent the residents), didn’t see that coming. While we are on the whole Community Planning Team, what a waste of time that was, 11 out of the 17 people that were hand picked by our council and mayor didn’t even bother to show up for the last, and probably the most important meeting, that must have been the meeting Township staff slipped in those 4,000 square foot lots, (by the way, I applied to sit on that comity and was denied, more than likely because I said I would actually show up for every single meeting, I mean c’mon, there was only six of them.) A good number of people barely showed up for almost half of them.

Let’s wrap this up I bet everyone is saying by now, well, ok. This OCP is nothing but a hot mess, the system even though it was long and drawn out, was a complete waste of time. In the beginning council voted on an option to do an update to the 1987 plan, this plan was estimated to cost us taxpayers $250,000. I got news for you people, I did a freedom of information request to the Township of Langley only just regarding the hiring of the spin doctors that call themselves “Modus”, and just that one small piece of this whole smoke and mirror campaign was well over that budget. June 27, 2017 is when we tell the five-headed dragon enough is enough. Your plan sucks and there is an election soon.

Scott Thompson, Langley