Letter: Langley park last safe trails for horse riders

Equestrians can’t safety shovel droppings on Campbell Valley park trails.

Dear Editor,

Campbell Valley Park remains one of the last semi safe places for horses and riders. The roads are certainly not an option.

Why, in a designated horse trail, is it such a big deal to step over a visible horse poop – unlike the unseen dog bombs. And why must horse people again be called on to spend on some shovel when dog owners get to buy baggies.

Picture the mature rider clanging along the trail packing a shovel. Finding a safe place to dismount and then with one hand on the horse attempting the one handed shovel technique. Possibly that loose horse referred to by Ms. Swift was a product of that cleanup effort.

Hikers and dog walkers have hundreds of choices not available to horse people.

When dog walkers and hikers come out with the same numbers of volunteers as was evidenced at the recent Campell Valley event, I might have a shred of respect for the constant whining.

Some of the mean-spirited, downright dangerous antics of entitled hikers have caused some equine accidents that would make your hair curl.

Next time try leaving the Gucci’s at home and pack your patience and good humour – reflect on something serious to fuss about.

Kathy Watson, Aldergrove