LETTER: Langley mother warns of needles in City Park bathroom

A concerned parent is encouraging others not to let kids go into the City Park washrooms.

Dear Editor,

Please share!

This is from the bathroom at City Park [between 206th and 207th Streets, off 48th Avenue] here in Langley [Tuesday night].

The girl’s bathrooms was covered in needles and stolen goods.

Do not let your children go into these bathrooms alone.

In fact, maybe they should be locked indefinitely.

My three-year-old is curious, and I guarantee she would have picked up that syringe on the floor.


The province and the country need to get involved with this growing issue on the Lower Mainland, which has spread like a disease from the [Vancouver’s] Downtown Eastside and now into almost every surrounding suburb.

This picture was shared on FB (Facebook) as a precautionary tale.

Christie Lea, Langley

Editor’s Note: Picture taker Michelle McGregor contacted the Langley Advance, to clarify the incident further. She was at the park with her son during baseball practice Tuesday.

“That pictures looks kind of tame from what it looked like when we were actually in there,” she said, noting the toilets were plugged, the fan was ripped off the ceiling, there were multiple needles and drug paraphernalia scattered around the room, and even a bit of blood on the wall.

“And you couldn’t walk in there without the crunch of glass,” McGregor added.

Since it was after hours, she couldn’t reach City hall staff, but talked with someone at Timm’s Community Centre who directed her to call the fire department. She’s unaware of how it the incident was resolved, since she had to leave.

But, McGregor was told by other parents on the team that this was a one-off incident at these facilities. It’s out of the ordinary.