Letter: Langley man suggests thinking inside the box to eliminate bags

Make boxes available for customers, a City man suggests.

Dear Editor,

I’m happy to see that most of the large grocery stores are now charging for plastic bags. So I had a thought. If they are doing it to help the environment and charging $.05 per bag why not just do away with them so no bags go into the garbage. Be real good corporate citizens.

Here’s how, like Costco use the boxes they strip and either get paid to do that or pay someone to pick them up. Use those boxes for groceries instead of bags. Easy to do – it’s just a shift in attitude.

The costumer will recycle the box for the stores saving that cost which are: someone to strip them, stack them, store them until they are picked up, pay to have them recycled, or get paid by another company to remove them.

That would be real improvement instead of trying to put up a front that says we are doing our part to help save the planet – real solutions until we have a better one. Scrap the bag. Use the box.

Barry Cox, Langley City