Letter: Langley man angered by Liberal use of ICBC funds

The provincial government dipped into ICBC coffers and taxpayers are on the hook, a writer says.

Dear Editor,

So now the rumors are swirling – not just how much – but how huge are auto insurance premiums going up the next few years. Why? I can tell you exactly why.

The Liberal government of first Gordon Campbell, and then Christy Clark, routinely took out a hundred million a year from ICBC, and stuck it into general revenue to bolster up their income. Now it has all come home to roost.

As far as I am concerned, that is basically theft, and why should all of us be punished? Insurance premiums should have gone down over the last many years, not up.

What an absolute disgrace and we, the taxpayers, are left holding the bag. Good riddance to an awful, and corrupt buch of scam artists.

Jack McEwen, Langley