Riley Bovbjerg and Arvina Batta say Langley’s E-Exit escape rooms are attracting people from across the Lower Mainland

VIDEO: New Langley escape rooms bring outdoor adventures inside

Escape rooms at Langley’s E-Exit are a new way to have indoor fun while stretching the mind.

Mom used to say “go outside and play,” but what if going inside was more fun?

At E-Exit, Langley’s own escape room venue, visitors become explorers from the distant future who travel back in time to take on problem-solving adventures with friends, family and/or co-workers.

Everyone works together to solve puzzles in order to escape from one of a variety of settings like a science lab or an ancient temple.

E-Exit recently opened in the Willowbrook area and delivers interactive fun for two or more teammates without worrying what the weather has in store.

Owner of the local franchise, Arvina Batta noted the Langley location offers four distinctly themed rooms: the Wild West and Himalayan Cavern are difficult, yet are easier than Laboratory Escape or the ultimate challenge of Temporal Pursuit.

“Each has a different story line,” Batta explained of the themed rooms.

“We are the time travellers.”

The objective for the team of futuristic time travellers is to outwit the puzzle master who – in theory – locked them in the room.

Teams receive a briefing prior to the start of their 45-minute adventure to solve the puzzles and escape.

The rooms are dark and teams use flashlights and intelligence to find clues that lead to the next stage of the journey.

“It is both physically and mentally [engaging],” noted Batta of how participants solve puzzles. “Open the cupboards, open the box… to find clues.”

The constant countdown of the timer is the reminder for teammates to keep working at solving the clues.

Some teams won’t make it out before the clock winds down, but Batta believes in helping ensure satisfaction for participants so each team receives two hint cards they can use, if needed, by buzzing the puzzle master on the intercom from within the rooms.

“We try to make sure they find out what the solutions is,” she said. “We don’t give them the answer, but we give them the hints.”

When asked what caused her to establish the business in Langley, Batta explained she is excited by how Langley is growing.

“My husband wanted to build a house in Langley, but I said no, I wasn’t ready,” she said. “But I think after opening [E-Exit] I am.”

Having owned and operated businesses in the food industry for many years, Batta wanted to do something different.

“People got to know us,” she explained of her new enterprise. “Weekends are really busy and weekdays are starting to pick up.”

Escape rooms are a great activity for all ages. Families, friends and company team building activities have all found their way to Langley’s new adventure, according to Batta.

“Everybody gets to work together,” she noted. “Everybody gets to be involved with each other.”

She added that escape rooms are the ideal way to be entertained indoors, without going to a movie or the mall.

It’s something different to add to the entertainment routine.