Langley Lions' Nash Shivji (starting top row from left to right)

Three Langley Lions Clubs come together to celebrate

A ceremonial flag raising event at the City of Langley marked Lions Day.

Three Langley Lions Clubs came together recently to mark an international relationship of humanitarian aid that dates back more than 70 years.

A ceremonial flag-raising celebration at Langley City hall marked what’s become known as the United Nations Lions Day.

While the day was not actually proclaimed until March 4, 1978, the bond goes back much further than that, said Lynda Davidson, committee chair for the Fort Langley Lions.

A relationship between Lions Club International and the United Nations began in San Francisco in October 1945, when world leaders joined together to sign the United Nations charter.

During the ensuing years, the two organizations have cooperated on many humanitarian ventures with Lions providing aid and manpower for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), WHO (World Health Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) projects, Davidson explained.

In mark of those efforts and “to help celebrate our relationship with the UN,” the City of Langley “graciously” allowed the Lions flag to fly for one week in the Timms Community Centre, she added.

“The three Lions clubs represented here are proud of the work we have accomplished. Many organizations, clubs and individuals have come to us for aid, and we certainly help where we can,” Davidson said.