Heather Colpitts/Langley Advance Wayne and Colleen McLaren of Walnut Grove have cleaned local streets for about a decade and took part in the Community Clean Up on April 22.

Dog poop a pain for volunteer clean up crew

Langley litterers have changed what they toss out over the years.

Fewer people are tossing their cigarette butts onto the ground, but dog walkers are tossing their bags of poo into the trees.

That’s one of the trends noticed by two Walnut Grove residents who took part in the Community Clean Up Saturday throughout Langley Township.

People, service clubs, business, community groups and others picked up litter in various neighbourhoods of the Township for Earth Day.

Colleen and Wayne McLaren have been picking up trash in their Walnut Grove neighbourhood for more than a decade. A bit less often during the winter months but about once each month during summer, they gear up in sturdy footwear and pick up what other people have left behind.

Their designated stretch is a block by they wander far and wide around Walnut Grove, picking up trash where they go.

And they’ve noticed a change over the years.

“People are getting more conscious about littering” Wayne speculated.

They were picking up less trash, which is good. Over the years they’ve found the usual – food wrappers, beer cans, cigarette butts and packages, car parts, plastic packaging, but there’s also been condoms.

The one trend that is not good news is that dog walkers are dumping doo doo.

“Most annoying thing is when people walk their dogs and the fling it in the bushes,” Colleen said of the poo bags.

“They’ll hang up in the branches,” Wayne added.