RBC representatives Stacey Bedore, Amanda Hough, Clay Charbonneau, Roberto Farina, Luke Berard, Doug Turner and Jeff Farrell presented their donation to Crystl Bergunder-McKay, and LPN with Langley Memorial Hospital’s surgical department.

RBC’s $20,000 donation makes more scopes possible at Langley hospital

Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation is gearing up for its upcoming Denim & Diamonds gala next month.

Langley Memorial Hospital received a small infusion of cash that will have some lasting benefits for outpatient care.

Thanks to the generosity of a $20,000 donation from RBC Foundation, the surgical program at LMH has received a new cystoscope, explaind Kate Ludlam, the donor relations officer for the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation (LMHF).

“The addition of the cystoscope to our surgical program has reduced patient wait times for a cystoscopy diagnostic procedure,” Ludlam said. “This equipment gives our staff the ability to assess these patients in a timely manner, which means quicker diagnosis and treatment and results in better patient care.”

A cystoscope – a thin, telescope-like tube with a light and tiny camera attached – is used to conduct a diagnostic test called a cystoscopy, which is a procedure that allows a physician to see the inside of the lower urinary tract. She explained that this procedure is used to evaluate and diagnose conditions such as bladder cancer, chronic pelvic pain, urinary tract infections, urinary stones, incontinence and overactive bladder.

“Due to our aging population in Langley, there is an increasing demand for cystoscopies at LMH.”

Located in the Ambulatory Care Unit, the Cystoscopy Clinic performs almost 50 cystoscopies each week.

The more scopes they have, the longer they last, as they can be rotated through on a continuous basis, Ludlam said.

“If we don’t have enough of these important scopes or if there are any broken ones or ones that require maintenance, there is a resultant increase in wait times for procedures.”

While the annual Denim and Diamonds fundraising gala – which is coming up on Saturday, May 13 – is the largest single foundation fundraiser of the year, and often used to purchase much needed equipment, the foundation also relies on a lot of smaller contributions like this throughout the rest of the year.

‘We rely heavily on our donors to help purchase equipment for our hospital and we’re really grateful for the long-standing support of RBC Foundation,” Ludlam said. “They have demonstrated a strong to commitment to our hospital and our community.”

In 2014, the RBC Foundation committed more than $104 million in donations and sponsorships worldwide to support community activities and organizations like this, under the slogan “We believe in the power of communities and the individuals who live in them.”

Ludlam said the foundation is dependent on partnerships like this to ensure care of patients at the local hospital, serving as a bridge between the donors, the community, and the hospital since 1985.


In the meantime, the foundation is gearing up for its 25th annual Denim & Diamonds Gala, proudly presented by Mercedes-Benz Langley.

It will be held at Cascades Casino Resort on Saturday, May 13.

“The ongoing success of this gala has always been because of the incredible support we have received from our guests, sponsors, donors and volunteers who have been behind us every step of the way,” said foundation executive director Vivian Smith.

“We know that this highly anticipated function has the potential to be a tremendous success once again, but we need help!”

Annually, this event attracts more than 300 guests consisting of key community leaders, political figures, stakeholders, hospital physicians and supporters. The evening will start off with a cocktail reception at 6:15 p.m., followed by gourmet-plated dinner at 7 p.m., all while being entertained by a live act.

Tickets are $175 each or $1,400 for a table of eight. Click here for more information.