Rain holds off just long enough to celebrate Arbour Day in Langley

Memorial tree plantings were part of this year’s events to celebrate the importance of trees.

This year’s Arbour Day celebrations in Langley Township took place in a park most people have never heard of.

Tucked behind the Lion’s Hall on 88th Avenue in Fort Langley is Hudson Bay Park.

For Arbour Day, a celebration of the importance of trees, the Township, Metro Vancouver Parks, businesses, the Langley Environmental Partners Society and others worked together to offer an afternoon of activities.

In addition to interactive displays, people could try a rope climb using the equipment of local tree firms Fields Tree Services and Arbour Pro or pick up a bag of compost or tree seedlings.

The Township hosted a ceremony to honour longtime Langley residents Donna Passmore, Nadia Cooper and Brenda Alberts. A tree was planted in the park in each of their honours.

The park is also home to some small fenced areas. These are to protect small seedlings created from the big leaf oak memorial trees that used to be found around the Township. They were planted in honour of the local men who died fighting in the First World War. The last of the trees had to be cut down due to disease but a Township forestry tech was able to make seedlings.

They cannot be planted in the same spots at the former memorial oaks due to disease issues.