Literary Circle brings words to Langley park

An outdoor amphitheatre will host environmental education and performance events.

A new amphitheatre in a Langley park will host outdoor education and performances in Derek Doubleday Aboretum.

The Literary Circle project is a legacy from the 2014 BC Seniors Games.

It opened Saturday, April 22, and includes tiered grass seating, oversized sculptural letters, an outdoor blackboard, and a gravel stage area with the letters of the alphabet strewn into it.

The Literary Circle will be used for outdoor education classes hosted by the Township and the Langley Environmental Partners Society, and can also be used as a performance space.

“A lot of fun and learning will take place in this unique facility, which integrates literacy and nature,” said Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese. “The creation of an outdoor classroom in the arboretum has always been part of the overall master plan for this park. When the possibility of building the Literary Circle as a Senior Games Legacy Fund project was put forward, the idea was supported by both the Township of Langley and the City of Langley.”

The Langleys co-hosted the Games for athletes aged 55-plus three years ago.

The BC Seniors Games Legacy Fund provided $17,000 towards the project and the Rotary Club of Langley contributed $8,000. The remaining cost of $25,000 was provided by the Township.

The project was designed and managed by the Township’s Parks Administration, Design, and Development Department.

On April 22, a ceremony was held to officially open the Literary Circle, unveil signage, and thank the partners involved, with representatives from Township of Langley Council, City of Langley Council, the Langley Seniors Games, and the Rotary Club of Langley in attendance.