Langley seniors can get housing help

The province has made more seniors eligible for the homeowner grant.

Local seniors who have seen their assessments soar are getting some help as the provincial government, which is increasing the limits for the seniors and basic homeowner grants.

Seniors may also qualify for the low-income supplement. And, the province is also encouraging seniors to consider the property tax deferrment program.

To learn more, people can go to and search homeowner grants.

* Home owner grant thresholds in recent years:

* 2016: $1.2 million

* 2015: $1.1 million

* 2014: $1.1 million (threshold lowered as a cost-savings measure)

* 2013: $1.295 million

* 2012: $1.285 million

* 2011: $1.15 million

* 2010: $1.05 million

Homeowner Grants

Property Tax Deferrment