Rick Easton’s name now adorns the menu.

Langley restaurant remembers late customer

The name of a local man who passed away in June now marks his favourite booth and menu item.

A Langley restaurant has created a small tribute to a longtime customer who passed away recently.

Visit Kalma Family Restaurant on 56th Avenue in Langley City, and you can find a booth with a plaque marking it as the favourite spot of the late Rick Easton.

Mark Leversage was Easton’s long time friend and a co-worker at Canada Bread, where they were both delivery drivers.

Easton died of a heart attack on June 3.

Leversage said the two met when he started driving part time for the bread company in 1988. Easton was already working there.

“He was quite the character,” said Leversage.

Easton was a prickly individual – it took time to get to know him.

“We really grew a strong friendship in the last five years,” Leversage said.

They both spent time in Easton’s favourite restaurant, Kalma.

Easton would chat to then owner Mike Brogan, or his daughter Shannon, who has taken over since her father’s death.

“It was kind of like his second home,” said Shannon.

“I knew that he loved this place a lot, so I approached the owner and I asked if he could be added to the menu,” said Leversage.

Shannon didn’t have to think long about the change, adding Easton’s name to his favourite breakfast. And she was the one who suggested putting up a plaque and a photo of Easton at his favourite table.

“We need to celebrate people more here,” Shannon said.

Leversage was pleased that he has a place he can go to remember his friend.

“What an amazing thing for a business to do, to be part of the community,” Leversage said.


Rick Easton.