(Heather Colpitts/Langley Advance) You’ve Gotta Have Friends members spent Friday handing out flowers to perfect strangers just to spread cheer and kindness. Ada Avcin received a rose from Penny Hembrook downtown.

Langley group hands out flowers, just because

You’ve Gotta Have Friends surprises strangers with free flowers.

How much do they cost?

That’s often the response from people when members of You’ve Gotta Have Friends presents strangers with a free flower.

Friday was the non-profit group’s annual day to hand out flowers around downtown Langley City.

Quizzical looks and the question about the cost give way to a smile and thank you from most people.

You’ve Gotta Have Friends, which has its office on McBurney Plaza, is a community group that encourages inclusivity.

In addition to its floral random acts of kindness event, it also hosts Boppin’ in the Park, three evenings of music and dance in Douglas Park during summer, a supper club, a book club, Community Builder Awards, Breakfast with Soul, a meal at which guest speakers explore big topics, drop-in programs, and more.

Learn about Langley’s friendliest group at youvegottahavefriends.ca.