(Heather Colpitts/Langley Advance) Langley City Councillor Rudy Storteboom and Mayor Ted Schaffer stopped by the Langley Food Bank to see the new fridges purchased with a City community grant. Board member Joel Schachter and executive director Iain Mair showed the units the City’s $3,000 grant purchased.

Langley Food Bank gets fresh with the City

City grant used to purchase fridges so clients can enjoy more fresh foods.

The Langley Food Bank has turned $3,000 in cold hard cash into fridges to provide more cold fresh food to clients.

The food bank that started in 1989 received the money through the Langley City Community Grant program.

In the past, fresh food had to be set out on tables for clients, which impacted the quality as it sat out.

“It has made a huge improvement in providing fresh product to our clients,” said executive director Iain Mair said of the fridges.

The food bank on 203rd Street and 57th Avenue serves about 300 clients each week (or about 500 people total each week). A client can include a family with multiple members.

“We tend to have a lot of singles, whether it’s people on disability or seniors who can’t make their pension go far enough,” explained office administrator Bonnie Mair.

It also provides food for about 35 Syrian refugee families and about half a dozen Karen families.

“We work with four recovery houses,” added Iain.

The food bank also works with the Gateway of Hope.

Iain said very little food is wasted and the little bit that must be disposed is put to use.

“We have some farmers who take it,” he explained.

The food bank does not solicit donations but uses what God supplies, Iain said. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the big times of year for donations. Right now the food bank is running low on canned vegetables and meat, and jams and spreads.

While a Christian organization, its help is not restricted based on religion but on other criteria.

Clients must live in Langley, have ID and provide information on their income and expenses.

“We do a review ever six months [to ensure the client still needs food bank assistance],” Bonnie said.

The food bank has four staff members and about 25 volunteers with the downtown Langley facility and an Aldergrove food bank.